The power of simplicity

Powerful geoscientific data solutions that fit you

SimpleX provides a secure, streamlined and fully flexible solution Software as Service (SaaS) that adds value to geoscience data logging and management. Improve productivity, reduce errors, build confidence, boost insights, and power your business decisions. Grow and increase ore-body knowledge ready for downstream activity with a fit for purpose solution that puts you in control of your most valuable resource.


Reduce risk

Protect valuable resource data in a secure and controlled environment that mitigates loss, prevents unauthorised changes, and provides a clear chain of custody.

Flexible to fit

Enhance your way of working with a fully scalable, adaptable, and configurable solution that fits your necessity

Cloud SQL databases 

SQL database on Azure provides access and connectivity from any location. Certified security and 100% available without investing in infrastructure.

Excel Integration

100% integrated with Excel, a friendly interface, and all the power of Excel.


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